Is the Park open all year round?

AZENHAS da SEDA Park is opened from the beginning of the Spring until the end of the Autumn. Due to the weather conditions, the open and closing dates are announced in advance in our website and Facebook page.

In order to enjoy the services you provide do I just show up or do I have to book in advance?

AZENHAS da SEDA services, accommodation and activities, must be booked in advance. This allows us to manage the occupancy rate of both services efficiently.

Am I allowed to bring pets to the Park?

In spite of our passion for animals, the presence of any kind of pet is not allowed in the Park.

What kind of WC/shower facilities does the Park offer?

The Park has a set of four individual WC/shower booths, which are fully equipped with toilet paper, hand cleanse gel, hand towels and running water heated by solar panels.

Clients are only required to bring their personal hygiene products and a bath towel., except for the Glamping tents users that will have bath towels and shower gel in their tents.

Does the Park have a restaurant or a small grocery store?

No, but the Park provides all the conditions necessary for clients to bring their own food and manage it during their stay:

- Common use pantry, equipped with individual cupboards, refrigerators with customizable shelves, two kitchen sinks, a gas stove and basic kitchen utensils for cooking. There is no microwave and no oven.

- Self service coffee machine and tea packages, and a small shop with regional products from Alentejo (wine, olive oil, cheese, sausages, Alentejo bread toast, biscuits, jams, etc)

- Outdoor picnic area, next to the streamside beach, equipped with tables and benches, two barbecue grills and the necessary utensils.

Clients are just required to bring their own tableware, coal and firelighters, except for the Glamping tents users that will have inside their cupboards tableware for 4 persons (dishes, cups, cutlery, napkins and picnic towel

As a complement to the meals at AZENHAS da SEDA, we recommend five local restaurants that specialize on regional Alentejo gastronomy and are located not too far from our Park, where you will be able to taste unique wines and delicacies.

Does AZENHAS da SEDA provide any kind of babysitting service?

No, at AZENHAS da SEDA we do not provide that kind of service.

Parents or family members are responsible for the guardianship and good behaviour of children/youngsters in their charge, both within the premises of AZENHAS da SEDA Park and during the activities.

How do you ensure the safety of your guests?

The core staff of AZENHAS da SEDA Park lives on the premises on a permanent basis, throughout the whole year.

The premises are fenced and, in order to ensure full safety, the access gate is permanently kept closed, and only clients with booked activities or accomodation are let inside.


What is “Active Glamping”?

“Active Glamping” is a concept that combines a relaxing and confortable accommodation in luxury tents, with a set of water and streamside activities.

What is “Kids Camping Experience”?

Overnight stay in a traditional camping tent allowing children and teenagers to have a closer contact with nature - includes sleeping bag, floor mattress, pillow, flashlight, towel and shower gel.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in – from 15:00 to 21:00

Check-out – until 12:00, although clients may stay in the premises and participate in activities until 21:00.

I only wish to stay overnight at AZENHAS da SEDA, without participating in any activities. Is it possible?

No, we offer our accommodation services exclusively for those who participate in the activities since we benefit from a unique setting in terms of water resources which is quite uncommon in this region of the country and we would like our clients to experience it and to feel it as closely as possible.

Is the breakfast included in the accommodation price?

No. However you can ask in advance for the complementary service “Breakfast Box” in the booking request.

Each “Breakfast Box”, for one person, includes: 1 bottle of fresh orange juice (250ml), 1 flask with coffee (250ml) (adult and teenager), 1 milk package (200ml), powder chocolate for milk, 1 regional bread, 1 sweet traditional bread, 1 pastry, butter, 2 slices of ham, 2 slices of cheese, jam, 1 fruit yogurt, 1 piece of fruit, 1 capsule of coffee (adult), sugar


I only want to participate in your activities, not staying overnight. Is it possible?

Yes. All you have to do is contact us and book the activities.

Are your activities “extreme”?

The activities at AZENHAS da SEDA are essentially tourist activities, and therefore designed to be accessible to everyone. All activities are monitored by staff members, who guarantee the safety of the whole group and make sure that all participants are comfortable throughout the whole course.

Are all of AZENHAS da SEDA’s activities exclusively water-based?

No. Two kinds of activities are available: there are WATER ACTIVITIES, carried out inside streams, sluices or dams, and STREAMSIDE ACTIVITIES, carried out along those same streams, sluices or dams.

What is the minimum age required to participate in the activities?

Children must be at least 7 years old, with the exception of some activities, for which the minimum age required is 12 years. In addition, participants must be able to swim and feel comfortable in water.

Apart from the activities, what else can I do at AZENHAS da SEDA?

During your stay you will be able to relax at our streamside beach, to read a book from our free-use library or to enjoy any other of the complementary services that are available:

Water Relax - 30 minutes relaxation massage on Sundays.

We also can provide a Touring Guide Map for long-term stays clients, with visit suggestions in the region.